Artist: Nanette Wylde
Media: Digital perfect bound, trade edition
Size: 9 x 9 x .15″ closed
Year: 2021

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Redacted Babar: ABC Free is based on an altered board book: B is for Babar: An alphabet book by Laurent de Brunhoff.

Nanette Wylde learned to read script at a very early age from the pages of Babar’s famous adventures. Her affection for Babar and his family was deeply connected toher fascination with the handwritten words that told their stories. As an adult, Wylde embodied a connection to elephants which included a nostalgic, familial longing imbued with an animal rights, conservation approach. With the help of more books she began to understand some of the challenges non-human sentient species such as elephants, experience, and their plight in competition with humans for territory, resources and the sanctity of dominion over their own lives in their own bodies in appropriate habitats.

Redacted Babar: ABC Free grapples with Wylde’s love of Brunhoff ’s characters and the recognition of their impact on young minds; and the current realities of the increasingly endangered and diminishing populations of African and Asian elephants.

A handmade version of this book is available.